Scholarships available from Ringette Canada

Ringette Canada offers three scholarships for each academic year.


Jackie Lajeunesse Scholarship


Jackie Lajeunesse was one of the biggest Ringette supporters that I have ever known. Jackie was always interested in young people who were involved in our sport and this scholarship opportunity was something she had talked about for a number of years.


Jackie was taken from us in October 2004 after a relatively short but very serious illness. Jackie was involved in administering associations in Rayside–Balfour and Sudbury. She was also a bench staff member as Assistant Coach or Manager on a number of teams and Officiating was always very close to Jackie’s heart. That’s why it’s fitting that all members of the Ontario Ringette Association are eligible for this scholarship opportunity. The Board of Directors for the Ontario Ringette Association is very pleased to have this scholarship named in Jackie’s honour.


We miss Jackie Lajeunesse very much and hope that this scholarship will keep her memory alive for many years to come. Special thanks to Jackie’s husband, Ken, and her daughters, for allowing us to use her name and for their financial support.


Jane Casson

President, Ontario Ringette Association, 2004.2007.

Agnes Jacks Scholarship


The Agnes Jacks Scholarships.are named in honour of Mrs. Agnes Jacks who, following the untimely passing of her husband Mr. Sam Jacks (ringette's founder), picked up the gauntlet and became a dedicated and tireless promoter of the sport. Mrs. Jacks is a well known and well loved figure in the ringette community and over the years became known across Canada as ringette's "goodwill ambassador".


This program provides a number of scholarships of $1,000 each towards post–secondary education for ringette players, coaches and officials who demonstrate strong academic performance combined with a commitment to the sport of ringette. The number of scholarships offered each year is determined by Ringette Canada's Board of Directors.