Welcome to the 2023-24 Season!

The Walden Ringette Association welcomes you to the 2023-24 season! If you’re a returning player, welcome home. If you’re new to the sport, or to Walden, we are SO excited to invite you into our family!

The Walden Ringette Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of the sport of ringette in the Walden area! We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help in the many different facets of the association; on the executive, as bench staff, refereeing, or even just volunteering time at our fundraising events – it’s all appreciated!

We welcome anyone ages 4-99 from Copper Cliff to Espanola, Azilda to Levack and all areas in between (Naughton, Nairn Centre, Whitefish, Chelmsford, Onaping etc.) of any skill level – our dedicated coaches and bench staff will help to take all players to the level of skill they are hoping to achieve.

And at the end of the day, we’re all family. Many of the kids play together on the ice and develop friendships that lead to social gatherings off ice. We play games in house and we hit the road for fun tournaments throughout the year. We spend our summers at the park, at summer camps and on road trips together. You aren’t just joining a sport, your gaining a whole new family of people who will support your child and help them develop their craft.

So please, join us at our local arenas and take in a fast paced game!

Joyful Home Candle Fundraising a Huge Success!

Joyful Home Candle Fundraising a Huge Success!

This year our fundraising team kicked off the season with an incredible fundraiser! Walden Ringette athletes sold Joyful Home candles! For every candle purchased you knew that your money was 100% being spent locally in Walden.

Joyful Home is a local Walden family run business. In 2018 Diana started creating candles in her kitchen and learning the art of candle making. It wasn’t long before she was selling out and making more! Eventually you could see Diana and Alysha every day at their shop in the Pinehill Plaza where they sell their beautiful candles as well as many items from other local makers! In 2021 Diana lost her battle with AML and her family knew that they had to carry on her legacy. Walk into Joyful Home today and you’ll meet Cory, Diana’s incredibly supportive husband along with her always cheerful daughter Alysha.

As a local association we were fiercely proud to be supporting an amazing family run business. You couldn’t support anything more wholesome than this!

But how did we do? The candle fundraiser was a huge success! As a league we sold 746 candles – raising a (insert drum roll) grand total of $7,653.96 for the WRA!! No one expected that much of a profit, but we’re really excited about it!  Cory from Joyful Home is also onboard for next year too!  

The top 3 sellers were (in order below):

1. Aliisa Rintala- Fun2 

2. Aurora St. Pierre – u12K

3. Alice Young -Fun2 

We are looking forward to our next fundraiser!