For questions regarding the Walden Ringette Association, please fill out the form below or email [email protected]


President: Tania Minto – [email protected]
Vice President: Jenna Dobbs – [email protected]
Treasurer: Evan Dobbs – [email protected]
Secretary: Amanda Gray – [email protected]
Coaching Coordinator: Melanie Hood – [email protected]
Referee in Chief: Christina Dippong – [email protected]
Registrar: Natalie Hayden – [email protected]
Equipment Managers:
Natalie Bulman – [email protected]
Jennifer Blais – [email protected]
Ice Allocator: Erin Kennedy [email protected]
Fundraising Team:
Jill Vienneau – [email protected]
Kristin Young – [email protected]
Christine Hryciw – [email protected]
Sponsorship Coordinator: Jeff Scharf [email protected]
Tournament Coordinators:
Amber Hyatt – [email protected]
Karen Strain – [email protected]
Public Relations Directors:
Randee Gauthier – [email protected]
Richard Gauthier – [email protected]
Bunny Coordinator: Isabelle Legault – [email protected]
Open Coordinator: Carly Mackevicius – [email protected]