Every ringette player, regardless of the division must wear:

  1. CSA-approved helmet & face shield or ringette cage (not a hockey cage)
  2. Neck guard
  3. Elbow pads
  4. Shoulder pads or chest protector
  5. Hockey or ringette gloves
  6. Ringette girdle*
  7. Ringette pants*
  8. Shin pads with knee guards
  9. Hockey skates
  10. Ringette stick

* Hockey pants, socks and jock/jill can be substituted for ringette girdle and pants.

Please note that FUN 1 & 2 divisions have jerseys and socks provided. U10 to Open divisions will receive jerseys with a $50 deposit – when their jersey is returned at the end of the season (in clean good condition), they will receive their $50 deposit back.