Head Coach

The head coach is responsible for the team, including season planning, practice planning, player development, and delegation of duties to relevant bench staff. They are responsible for player equipment and for the safety and conduct of all players, volunteers, and parents. The head coach is responsible for hosting parent and player meetings prior to and throughout the season to review all Ringette Ontario and Walden Ringette Association policies and ensure compliance. The head coach is also responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Team Registration Form (TRF) and should have an up-to-date copy on file for all team activities.

Assistant Coach(es)

Work under the direction of the head coach to assist with player development. Duties may include the delivery of practice plans, both on and off the ice, and other duties as assigned. They may substitute for the head coach as necessary, if they are qualified.


The team trainer is responsible for First Aid, Safety Officer duties, the team’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Safety Incident/Accident Reports, when necessary, and other duties as assigned.


The manager is responsible for administration of the team’s off-ice logistics, including managing parent volunteers, communications and finances, and other duties as assigned.

Junior Coach

A person aged 14 to 17 years of age, with no official duties, assists coaches of U16 teams or younger.

On-Ice Assistant

A volunteer who participates in on-ice sessions but who is not part of the official TRF.

For more information on coaching pathways, and to read the full team staff qualification policy and others, visit the Ringette Ontario website.