How to Play

Here are some of the rules we abide by:

  1. Everyone is to have fun at all times
  2. Ringette generally is made up of 11 or more players, with six skaters on the ice at a time (a goalie, two defense, two forwards and a centre)
  3. Pass the ring over the blue line every time! A player can never carry the ring over a blue line in either direction, they always have to pass it to another teammate.
  4. Don’t forget your stick! Ringette is played with a straight stick and a rubber ring; ringette sticks are produced with tapered ends with steel, aluminum or plastic tips.
  5. Protect your goalie and don’t enter their crease. If the ring goes on or in the crease, the only player who can touch it is the goalie. At this point the goalie will usually pick it up and throw it to a teammate – and they only have 5 seconds to do so!
  6. Watch how many players have crossed into the offensive zone! When watching a game you may notice that the small red line at the top of the circles is where some players stop. After that line all the way to the boards it’s a game of 3 on 3!
  7. In you don’t follow the no-contact policy, you’ll end up in the penalty box! Ringette promotes a no physical body contact when it comes to playing the game – players are not allowed to make excessive body contact with another player.
  8. Once you get to U12 the game speeds up! Teams will have 30 seconds to take a shot on goal after they gain possession of the ring, if you hear the buzzer goes off the ring is awarded to the other team.